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An Unwavering Commitment Towards Innovative New Lifestyles
“Building A Community, Creating A Lifestyle” – that is the fundamental philosophy underlining all Nadayu developments. As an exceptional, unconventional, people-centric and harmonising group, Nadayu Properties Berhad (formerly known as Mutiara Goodyear Development Berhad) embraces a holistic approach in its quest for excellence as a remarkable and innovative property developer.


Since more than three decades ago, the company has developed more than 11,000 properties in Malaysia. Our awareness of our occupants needs in developing inspiring property projects has earned Nadayu Properties a sterling reputation as the most unique and esteemed lifestyle property developer in the country. It has established itself as a multiple award-winning premier boutique developer, recognised for its sterling portfolio of exceptional developments.

In 2011, the company underwent a corporate identity transformation, where the new company name, Nadayu Properties Berhad, was unveiled. “Nadayu” is the integration of two Malay words, namely ‘nada’ and ‘bayu’. Together, they can be interpreted to mean “rhythm of the breeze” – a flow that gracefully permeates space and life, its presence felt throughout all spaces and bringing about positive transformation in harmony with the flow of nature.


In line with our name, and our credo, our vision is to contribute to the well-being of society by bringing about a positive transformation to living environments, lifestyle and community integration.